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Roll crusher has huge potential in the industry

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)13時11分39秒

With the arrival of the blossom flower and warmly spring, Chinese infrastructure construction is in full swing. An increasing demand for all kinds of building materials, the processing equipment crusher will occupy a very important position and become the backbone industry. As one of the most widely used equipment in mining machinery, jaw crusher has developing potential in the industry.

This series of roll crusher (double roll crusher) composed by the roller, the roller support bearings, pressed and regulation devices and drive components.

The double roller crusher, with energy efficient features, is simple and reasonable in structure and low operating costs. For example, the grinding roller is equipped with replaceable wear liner. And wear-resistant linings use domestic advanced wear-resistant materials, which has a long use life and is less to damage, easy maintenance, etc.  The continuous service life can up to more than one year. When severe wear, just remove the cover to replace. It is of small amount of maintenance, low cost, which is unmatched by any other type of crusher; at the same time, the roll crusher equipped with a safety device. When the accident metallic iron plunging into the crushing chamber, start the protective devices, pieces of iron leakage while equipment in normal operation; more important is roll crusher sewn 1mm ~ 20mm is adjustable. According to adjusted broken particle size, broken granularity can be reliable controlled, all the ideal particle size discharged from the bottom of the crushing chamber.

As the roller is smooth, roll crusher is not only able to crush stone, but also grind materials. When the material into the crushing chamber, the materials suffer gnaw force from rotating rollers of the machine. Material is forced to go through gap between the two rollers, squeezed and cut grinded, the material begins to fragmentation. And then small particles go through the gap of two rollers along the tangent of the roller rotation, discharged from the machine. When the particulate material is over the gap, they will continue to be broken until into small particles and discharge them.

Roll crusher is not only widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemicals, electricity, coal and other industries on the brittle and ductile materials processing, but also used for the crushing of minerals below medium hardness ores and rocks. That can be used for chemical, cement, building materials and other industrial sectors. Especially the coal industry, use the machine crushing raw coal, just does iron removal, cleaning, without removing the gangue, the coal can be directly broken. And the broken materials with uniform particle size, has low screen ratio. Thus simplify the coal processing flow, reduce the cost of investment and production.


Why does Hongxing machinery spread everywhere?

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時44分25秒

Hongxing machinery has played an extremely important role in China's infrastructure construction, especially that the company's grinding equipment plays a very important position in the mineral in the production process of mineral processing industry. Experienced building related people know that in the mining industry to crush the stone with different crushing strength, the needed crushing machine type is also different. Main type mineral crusher of Hongxing machinery is jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and vertical shaft crusher. Hongxing Machinery jaw crusher has a very high utilization rate in the country's major mines.

At present crusher is most widely used in a variety of ore separating line and stone production line. The mineral ore is usually in irregular shape and generally relatively large size when first exploited. So we must first extract the metal from the ore, and then process artificial sand or other deep-processing and utilization, which will require jaw crusher to crush the ore.

Now let’s begin to analyze the performance characteristics of Hongxing Machinery jaw crusher. First is its simple structure, reliable quality and relatively low operating costs. In addition, it makes lower noise and generates less dust. Its gasket discharge opening can be adjusted according to the needs. The large adjustment range greatly increases the flexibility of the equipment and the wide application range meets the requirements of different users. In particular, under today’s promotion of energy saving and environmental protection, the advantages of Hongxing Machinery jaw crusher in energy saving is very obvious. One machine can save energy 15% to 30%, and the entire system can save more than doubled, which greatly reduces operating costs for enterprises and lightens its burden.

After 30 years of reform and development, Hongxing company has achieved numerous honors, including various kinds of certificates and awards issued by government organizations, media and marketing research organizations, the praise and approval of the public through formal or informal channels. All of these honors, are incentives designed by the society and public to Hongxing company , are the recognition of vast consumers to Hongxing products , are the best testimony for public praise of Hongxing brand.


What leads to the increase of cement price

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時39分13秒

Cement is the foundation of national construction material. It is the responsibility of cement industry to make contribution to national economic construction. The price of cement is determined by market supply and demand. The demand for cement is increasing, but the supply for cement is decreasing, which leads to the increase of cement price. Reducing the cost and increasing the output, the jaw crusher produced by Zhengzhou Hongxing remits the case of few goods and high price in cement market.

In the process of producing cement, a large number of cabinet raw materials (limestone, etc.), fuel of semi-broken products need to be broken, aiming at improving the efficiency of drying plant and grinding plant. At the same time, it's easy to transport and storage materials. Hongxing Jaw crusher has many advantages, such as big reduction ratio, equal product granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient repair and economical operation. Comparing with the Cone crusher, the jaw crusher has less investment and lower cost of production. Comparing with the hammer crusher, the jaw crusher has longer service life and higher efficiency.

The working principle of Jaw crusher: The jaw crusher is working through an electric motor driving the belt and the pulley, which makes the jaw up and down through an eccentric shaft. When the moving jaw goes downside, the angle between moving jaw and setting jaw turns small, so that the materials can be compressed and crushed. When the moving jaw goes upside, the angle between moving jaw and setting jaw turns big, so that the moving jaw plate leaves the setting jaw plate through the tension of bar and spring, then the crushed material discharged from the crushing chamber mouth.

 According to the increasing space of market demand, the government arranges the new construction project to increase the supply capacity. In the "twelfth Five-year Planning" period, the cement industry in different areas has different policies. The eastern region will control the expansion of production capacity strictly while the central and western regions will have a relatively large space for development.

In 2012, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd will adjust the developing aspect, sending the jaw crusher to the western region to support the needs of large-scale cement production lines, which will alleviate the pressure of cement supply effectively, contributing strength to promote Western economic development and build a moderately prosperous society.



Special advantages of China vibrating feeder

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時33分51秒

With the continuous development of science and technology, vibrating feeder has been widely used in ore-dressing practice, artificial sand and gravel line, and other industries. However, the primary equipments have not been meet the production demand, thus Hongxing machinery  combines the domestic and international production experience, adopts advanced science and technology,  improves and upgrades the energy efficient GZD, ZSW, GZZ type vibration feeding equipment for customers.

Vibrating feeder works to continuously and evenly feed lump, particle and powdered materials from hopper to belt conveyer, bucket elevator, screens and crushing machines, etc. Stepless regulation is available for SBM’s vibrating feeder to automatically and centrally control the feeding volume. SBM vibrating feeder can provide ores and rocks within 500mm for the next working procedure.

In the Sand-Stone production line, Vibratory feeder can send materials to crusher evenly and continuously and at the same time, it can screen materials roughly. It can be used in these areas such as metallurgical industry, coal mining industry, mining-selecting, building, chemical and grinding industry, etc.

Special advantages of vibrating feeder

Our feeder series have two types: Vibrating feeder and linear feeder. Vibrating feeder has two engines. Users can adjust vibrating frequency of feeder freely so as to completely control feeding speed of stone material and ensure smooth operation of production line. It is widely used in crushing and screening plants of mining, construction materials, silicate and chemical industry.

China vibrating feeder supplier: Our feeder series is designed particularly for continuous use with any hard and abrasive materials. They combine a robust frame design with high feeding capacity and a limited overall height. These features make it ideal for operation in restricted space, and in both stationary and mobile plants.

Working principle of Vibrating Feeder:

There are two eccentric shafts rotating at high speed at the same time from opposite directions, thus the strong centrifugal force is formed. The component forces of centrifugal force along the vibrating direction will always overlap each other, then counteract with that of vertical force from vibrating direction, then exciting force along single direction is formed to drive the feeder vibrate along straight line. When materials are fed into the feeder, they may be thrown up and move like para curve, then fall down. The materials will move forward on the slope surface of the feeder.


Types of promotions to build the company sales

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時28分23秒

Many aspiring entrepreneurs foolishly believe that all they need to do is sign up for a Twitter account, blog about special offers, and hand out a flashy looking brochure, whereupon leads will come pouring in. This couldn’t be further from the truth. These are unfortunate social media fantasies and free marketing delusions. The mere existence of a market for your product or service does not guarantee anyone will listen to or care about your brand. People are bombarded with thousands of messages every day, which makes it difficult for business owners to garner attention and convert that attention into income.

In order for your business to avoid getting lost among the glut of content already clogging direct marketing channels, your promotions and tactics must be highly creative, contain a quality message and fit the audience you are targeting.

I asked a panel of successful young entrepreneurs about the types of promotions they have used to build their companies’ buzz and sales.

Partner with Others in Your Space

At Blank Label, since we make custom dress shirts, we’ve done promotions with other custom product makers, everything from chocolate bars to jewelry, mattresses and even jaw crusher. We create promotional campaigns to spread the word about the industry and shed some light on cool companies in the space.

What (Else) Does Your Customer Need?

With Career Coaching for Word Nerds, I provide one-on-one coaching to freelance writers and other publishing professionals. But I knew that my clients would also love the chance to connect with experts within the industry, so I organized a speed networking event that attracted 75 people. Now I host monthly virtual events and have plans for additional in-person events.

Take Advantage of Currently Trending Topics

One of the best ways to build buzz for your business is to ride the coattails of a currently trending “hot topic.” For example, when GAP unveiled a logo designed by Laird & Partners to much criticism on the web, 99designs took advantage of the opportunity with a crowd sourcing competition [to show] that our community can deliver a much better design.


Enterprise culture of Hongxing in modern times

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時22分39秒

The industry scale is expanding, impact crusher and other mining equipments manufacturing companies continue to emerge. At the same time the types also has been increased. More and more enterprises turn to foreign market, exporting products to the international market on the base of domestic market, in order to achieve the new development of China crusher manufacturing industry.

Hongxing people hold a tenet to make specialty classic, we have made a full range of measures to offer clients best service. It goes as follow: enthusiasm before sale, we guarantee to offer pre-planning and process designs; servant in sale, professionals will be sent to construction site for installation instruction, debugging and training until the acceptance check of machines; faithfulness after sale, by the tracking service, we promise that all the sold machines are sure to enjoy a perfect after-sale service.

Hongxing Company has a capable team of more than 960 employees,   including a management team of 120 with junior and senior professional titles and engineering technicians. The company replies on the scientific management method, with targeted training and professional exchange, and all-round quality improvement for employees to keep the enterprise a steadily forward development.

The new development not only requires majority of mining machinery manufacturing companies improve the technology, but also be familiar with international trade rules. The companies should concerned about the international market trend, and ensure the healthy and rapid development of manufacturing industry from all aspects.

We firmly believe that the top-ranking talents are a requirement for first class products which in return created by an innovative group. We have our own research and development centers, sand machine institute, grinding machine institute, and beneficiation equipment institute etc, which lays a solid foundation to possess an international golden quality.

We are booming to continue the past glories for a more brilliant future. And now, with steady progress and carrying clients’ dreams, we are ranking among the giants. Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., LTD helps clients to realize their dreams completely.


Stop struggling to hit your goal weight

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時16分50秒

Struggling to hit your goal weight? Weight loss is not all about calories, says nutritionist Teresa Boyce. Your inability to lose weight may be the result of so

You have heard it a thousand times: weight loss is simple, just eat less and exercise more, right? Well, maybe not.

Your expanding waistline and muffin top may be the result of something other than simply eating too many cupcakes. Research now suggests that weight gain and obesity are not only caused by a genetic predisposition or dietary and lifestyle behaviors, but are also affected by modern environmental factors.

A lack of sleep may be hindering your weight-loss goals. Sleep deprivation slows your metabolism and affects the hunger hormones leptin and ghrelin.

Leptin tells your brain to stop eating, whereas ghrelin, produced in the stomach, stimulates hunger. Research suggests inadequate sleep is associated with low levels of leptin, high levels of ghrelin and weight gain.

Solution: Turn off your phone and laptop. Instead, focus on good sleep hygiene: get to bed early, make sure your room is dark and cool and avoid all drugs including cigarettes, alcohol and sleeping pills.

Hidden sugars are everywhere. The biggest culprits include muesli bars, breakfast cereals, sports drinks, sauces and spreads – even certain peanut butter brands contain sugar. So what's the big deal? Added sugars are now considered to be more damaging than dietary fat to your weight and overall health, contributing to conditions including dental decay, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Solution: Read labels and avoid products with high amounts of added sugar. It may be listed as corn syrup, raymond mill, sucrose, malt, glucose, molasses, fructose, maltose or fruit juice concentrate.

There is no question that portions need to be smaller in order to lose weight. However, we have become so obsessed with calorie control that we often overlook the most important aspect of food – the nutrients.

Solution: Think quality. Don't just focus on the calories. Instead, choose nutrient-dense foods and nourish your body with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in fruit, vegetables and whole foods.


Were the great person born with success?

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時11分28秒

Some people are born a success, scientists believe.

Research shows that much of our predisposition towards determination, sociability and self-control and sense of purpose is in our genes.

In fact, our DNA plays a bigger role in influencing these traits than our upbringing and the company we keep. Just as the motor determines the jaw crusher, our DNA plays an important role in our whole life.

Taken together, these facets of personality can make the difference between success and failure, say the Edinburgh University researchers.

They questioned more than 800 pairs of twins about their attitudes to life to tease apart the influences of nature and nurture.

Comparing identical twins, who share all their DNA and their upbringing, with non-identical twins, who have a shared background but are no more genetically alike than other siblings, is a technique often used by researchers to quantify the influence of genetics.

The results, published in the Journal of Personality , revealed genes to play a much bigger role than lifestyle, with self-control particularly etched into our DNA.

Our genes also largely determine how determined and persistent we are. This is important in terms of success, as someone who refuses to give up is more likely to achieve their dreams than someone who throws in the towel at the first hiccough.

Researcher Professor Timothy Bates said: ‘Ever since the ancient Greeks, people have debated the nature of a good life and the nature of a virtuous life.

'Why do some people seem to manage their lives, have good relationships and cooperate to achieve their goals while others do not?

'Previously, the role of family and the environment around the home often dominated people's ideas about what affected psychological well-being. However, this work highlights a much more powerful influence from genetics.’

However, those who haven’t been dealt a helpful hand of genes shouldn’t be too despondent. The professor says a sense of purpose is key and advises those vying for success to focus their thoughts on making a difference.


Hongxing is a shining star in machinery industry

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)12時05分57秒

In recent years, China mining machinery manufacturing industry such as jaw crusher is making rapid progress with the development of mine economic. This mainly displays as follows: the industry scale is expanding, impact crusher and other mining equipments manufacturing companies continue to emerge. At the same time the types also has been increased. More and more enterprises turn to foreign market, exporting products to the international market on the base of domestic market, in order to achieve the new development of China crusher manufacturing industry.

The new development not only requires majority of mining machinery manufacturing companies improve the technology, but also be familiar with international trade rules. The companies should concerned about the international market trend, and ensure the healthy and rapid development of manufacturing industry from all aspects.

Throughout the world mechanical design, we found that the development process is single product-single product process-complete sets of products. Due to the past division system, most of our mining machinery enterprises just produce single product or process. The complete sets of products and process were designed by the professional institute. This creates a fracture between the equipment manufacturer and equipment users.

Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Company upgrades the existing equipment, and put efforts on research and development new intelligent and large-scale equipment on the base of the current status. Only improve the technology level and increase the production efficiency can really make China crusher manufacturing industry embark on international development road.

We will continue to update the production equipment, improving production technologies to improve products and quality technical content to meet the higher requirements for customers. We will always serve customers by the service tenet that to responsible for every procedure; to responsible for every machine and to responsible for every customer. We will do our best to get your satisfaction. We firmly believe that we can get sincere repay with our sincere dedication.


One need not always pretend to be happy

 投稿者:linda wang  投稿日:2012年 5月28日(月)11時58分38秒

'I just want to be happy.'

I can't think of another phrase capable of causing more misery and permanent unhappiness. I can’t tolerate the noise of jaw crusher, classifier and other similar sound. With the possible exception of, 'Honey, I'm in love with your youngest sister.'

Yet at first glance, it seems so guileless. Children just want to be happy. So do puppies. Happy seems like a healthy, normal desire. Like wanting to breathe fresh air or shop only at Whole Foods.

But 'I just want to be happy' is a hole cut out of the floor and covered with a rug. Because once you say it, the implication is that you're not. The 'I just want to be happy' bear trap is that until you define precisely, just exactly what 'happy' is, you will never feel it. Whatever being happy means to you, it needs to be specific and also possible. When you have a blueprint for what happiness is, lay it over your life and see what you need to change so the images are more aligned.

I know a physicist who loves his work. People mistake his constant focus and thought with unhappiness. But he's not unhappy. He's busy. I bet when he dies, there will be a book on his chest. Happiness is a treadmill of a goal for people who are not happy by nature. Being an unhappy person does not mean you must be sad or dark. You can be interested, instead of happy. You can be fascinated instead of happy.

The barrier to this, of course, is that in our super-positive society, we have an unspoken zero-tolerance policy for negativity. Beneath the catchall umbrella of negativity is basically everything that isn't super-positive. Seriously, who among us is having a 'Great!' day every day? Who feels 'Terrific, thanks!' all the time?

Anger and negativity have their uses, too. Instead of trying to alleviate some of the uncomfortable and unpleasant emotions you feel by 'trying to be positive,' try being negative instead. Seriously, try it sometime. This will help you get in touch with how you actually feel: 'I feel hopeless and fat and stupid. And like a failure for feeling this way. And trying to be positive and upbeat makes me feel angry and feeling angry makes me feel like I am broken.'